2017 Masterclasses

New dates available now for our Masterclasses with Kylee Newton, founder of Newton & Pott and author of The Modern Preserver. Please click on the images below to select the course you want. (Please note there will be no classes in December.)



The Modern Preserver - Christmas Chutney & Jam
with Kylee Newton

November Thursday 9th


The Modern Preserver - Christmas Gifting Preserving
with Kylee Newton

November Sunday 12th


Evening Class Vouchers

This Voucher is redeemable for 1 evening class to the value of £50.

The evening classes consist of a hands on masterclass covering one of four preserving techniques from Jam to Chutney, Pickling to Fermentation. 

Click on the image below to buy this online now and we will email you with a confirmation pdf voucher you can print out and gift. 


Weekend Day Class Vouchers

This voucher is redeemable for 1 weekend day class to the value of £150 

The weekend day classes consist of a 'hands on' masterclass covering four preserving techniques of Jam to Chutney, Pickling to Fermentation. Plus a light lunch discovering ways of incorporating preserves into everyday meals.

Click on the image below to buy this online now and we will email you with a confirmation pdf voucher you can print out and gift. 



"We loved the Newton & Pott masterclass. Great, hands-on instruction in a relaxed format and a bag of goodies to take home too. I have actually pickled at home since too."
- Cerys Williams

"Kylee's master class is a must! I was bought the book & the class as a present and I'm so glad I went as it gave me the confidence to dive into the recipes on my own. We had a lovely day pickling and jam making and got to watch the queen pickler work her magic! I thoroughly recommend her classes."
- Clara Baker

"As a lover of food and hater of waste, this masterclass has given me the confidence to get preserving. Kylee’s knowledge and passion are inspirational, and she makes what can seem a dark art, very doable, delicious and fun. The masterclass has given me a skill that will last longer than jam and the results shared with friends."
- Sarah Brown

"Not only did I leave Kylee's laden with five jars of her Cucumber and Beer Pickle, three jars of her Raspberry and Rose Jam and a generous side portion of life envy - but also an appreciation of the techniques that'll allow me to experiment away at home. Essentially, everything I was after."
- Carole Breen

"I really enjoyed meeting the lovely Kylee Newton at the Masterclass in April. She is such a talent - a font of knowledge which she is happy to share! She made the class fun and interesting and I learned a lot - who knew gin and cucumbers were a match made in heaven?? I wish Kylee continued success and urge you to buy her book, it will change your life!!!"
- Pauline Bryes

"The Newton and Pott masterclass was nothing short of wonderful - from my beautiful frilly apron to the armfuls of homemade pickles and jams we left with. Within an hour I had gifted a jar of each to a good friend - leaving me with a sense of gratification and he, warmth and  gratitude - thus is the power of a good pickle. Kylee was a brilliant host while being a gentle and kind teacher. I have been singing her praises to anyone who will listen (and who've eaten my jam!) since."
- Zoe Cuthbertson

"I have booked marked about 20 recipes in Kylee’s book The Modern Preserver and I’m so eager for particular fruits and vegetables to come in to season so I can start chopping them up! Thank you SO much Kylee, this was an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon." 
- Catherine Frawley (Blogger, www.borrowed-light.com/newton-pott-a-masterclass)

"Kylee’s masterclass was such an enjoyable afternoon, made so much fun by her easy style of teaching and fun approach to the experience. It was so nice to meet new people over jam and pickle making, and the products we took away with us were beyond delicious. A definite must, thank you Kylee!"
- Issy Croker (Photographer, www.issycroker.com)


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Photo’s by Philippa Langley for The Modern Preserver